Biotek Petrol - Biodeclean Heavy®

Biodeclean Heavy®

Biodeclean Heavy is an ecological biosurfactant, 100% cleansing and biodegrading agent.

It is useful for bioremediating soil and bodies of water contaminated with heavy and extra-heavy oil. It is also ideal in the treatment of oil spills as it breaks the hydrocarbon chain at a much faster rate due to its high biochemical load.

It can be sprayed or injected into the soil.


100% Biodegradable cleaning agent
Powerful biosurfactant that speeds up the bioremediation process in soils contaminated with heavy crude oil
Can be used on soils & water contaminated with hydrocarbons and related products
Excellent on sediments from tanks, cuts in drilling & oil sludge
Breaks the chain of hydrocarbons faster and more effectively
Can be used on topsoil or by injection into subsoil


 Biodeclean Heavy® Case History

biodeclean heavy 2

Application of BioDeclean Heavy® and Brosplus® to bioremediate land contaminated due to pipeline sabotage


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